Kerkstoel 2000+ forms part of the Kerkstoel Group. Since we were founded we have grown into a renowned company in the field of wide slabs and double walls. What’s the secret of our success? Our many years of experience, know-how, continual innovation and investment. But also – most of all – our 165 employees, who are the foundation of our company.

Today Kerkstoel 2000+ is one of the European market leaders in precast concrete. Our site in Grobbendonk – which is moreover ISO 9001 certificated - specialises in the production of wide slabs, double walls and Activ® floors.

It should be clear that we take quality very seriously. Kerkstoel 2000+ guarantees you top quality. Partly because of the BENOR certificate and the KOMO certificate for our floor panels and precast cavity walls.


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