Specification guidelines


The works comprise:

General description – Materials

A loadbearing wall is formed from the combination of two thin panel shaped prefabricated structural components of at least 50 mm thickness and a concrete layer poured in situ. The precast structural components are connected at the correct distance from each other in parallel with mesh girders.

The mesh girder reinforcements guarantee the necessary rigidity during handling and good adhesion to the cast-in-place layer.

The concrete that is used to produce the precast walls must comply with the NBN B15 standards series and carry the BENOR inspection mark. The manufacturer must moreover be ISO 9001 certified. The underside of the two shells is smooth according to C.I.B. scale N° 3. The cavity walls are produced using C30/37-2b-F3-14 concrete and reinforced with steel quality BE 500 S or DE 500 BS.

The longitudinal and transverse reinforcements are welded to each other using automated machinery to guarantee a perfect mesh distance. The thickness of the two concrete shells can vary between 50 mm and 70 mm depending on the required concrete coverage and the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement.

The necessary recesses are provided for in the factory on the basis of the drawings.

General description – Fitting

The contractor shall ensure during transportation and stacking at the site that there are no unacceptable stresses on the concrete and the steel. The cavity walls are therefore stored vertically under all circumstances.

The reinforcement of the cavity walls, the compression slab and its reinforcement are implemented and applied in accordance with the indications in the concrete study according to the NBN B15 standard (most recent versions with their addenda).

There is a 30 mm joint along the underside and a 20 mm joint between the components in the vertical direction.

Coordination The layplans must be submitted in good time to the architect, the engineer, the consultancy, etc. for approval.

Measuring code: per m²

Maximum length x maximum width per coupled component, without deducting the openings. All other components, works and supplies are included in the unit prices for the measurements listed above.