Because we make wide slabs to measure, you save time on site and use less materials. As regards the shape, we follow the contours of the design when manufacturing wide slabs, for whatever kind of space.

The full bottom reinforcement is incorporated into the wide slabs when we deliver them. You therefore only have to assemble them. Beams can be created in the floor and it is possible to make openings.

All the integrated parts are mounted in advance in the correct location. Provisions for electrical, sanitary, air-conditioning and heating services can be built in without any problems.

Kerkstoel wide slabs are produced in a professional manner and comply with the most stringent standards:  


The large surface area of the wide slabs means there are few joints. The smooth frame surface also provides an ideal substrate for spray plastering. The end result is a solid monolithic floor that ensures good noise insulation and the perfect distribution of the floor load. wide slabs are the solution for a rapid, simple and robust construction.

Kerkstoel wide slabs weigh less than the standard wide slabs available on the market. This has its advantages: not only do you require less transportation, you can also use a crane with a lower lifting capacity on your site than with standard wide slabs. It goes without saying that this also has financial advantages.