Specification guidelines


The works comprise:

General description – Materials

A loadbearing concrete slab with concrete core activation (BKA) is formed from the combination of thin slab shaped prefabricated structural components (ACTIV slabs) and a concrete layer poured in situ.
The longitudinal and transverse reinforcements are welded to each other automatically to guarantee a perfect mesh distance.
The pipe network is laid onto the reinforcement.

ACTIV floor components carry the BENOR inspection mark, in accordance with NBN EN 13747 and its national supplement NBN B 21 606. It is always necessary to include a certificate of origin and the BENOR mark when supplying ACTIV floor components. The manufacturer must moreover always be ISO 9001 certified.

General description – Laying

The contractor must ensure during transportation and stacking at the site that there are no unacceptable stresses on the concrete and steel. The supports between the ACTIV floor components therefore need to be placed sufficiently close to each other during storage. If the construction is to remain visible after laying, then any impurities must be removed from the joints.

The reinforcement of the floor components, the compression slab and its reinforcement must be implemented and applied in accordance with the guidelines in the concrete study according to the applicable standards.

The bearer width is at least 3 cm (on steel profiles or concrete beams) and 5 cm (on loadbearing masonry).


The layplans must be submitted in good time to the architect, the engineer, the consultancy, etc. for approval.