Delivery & fitting


Before you fit the wide floor slabs, install the props. The distances between the mounting struts are given on the layplan. Always place the yoke beams across the lattice girders. The 50 mm bearing area counts as support. A bed of mortar is recommended!


It is preferable to lay the ACTIV floor components straight from the truck into the correct location. All wide floor slabs are numbered in the installation drawings. Lower them completely horizontally onto the bearing surface and place the ACTIV floor components with precamber.


Any apertures in the floor are often cast in during the production of the ACTIV floor components. The apertures and edges are formed up to the level of the finished floor on the site.
It is best to avoid making openings on site in order to prevent damage to the piping network for the concrete core activation. A drilling protocol may offer a solution should drilling on site be necessary.