Delivery & fitting


Our ACTIV floor components are delivered on trucks with a length up to 18 m and a clearance height of at least 4 m. If you are expecting a delivery, make sure that the crane and the low loaders can access the site without difficulty. Take account of any street obstructions, sharp corners, parked cars, etc.

ACTIV floor components are unloaded with the site crane from the truck and are usually put in their place immediately according to the layplan. Hook the carabiner hooks in the diagonals and never on the top concrete reinforcing bar. The standard weight of the wide slabs is approximately 125 kg/m2 at a thickness of 5 cm.

If the ACTIV floor components are temporarily stored on the construction site, they should be stored on a flat and sufficiently strong substrate. Put the panels on 2 accurately squared timber lengths that are as long as the panel, so the flat underside is not damaged. The square timber sections are best laid at 1/5 panel length from the edge. It is necessary to use 3 or 4 lengths of squared timber for panels exceeding 4.5 m. It is possible to stack a maximum of 10 panels on top of each other.