Because Kerkstoel 2000 makes ACTIV floor components to measure, you will save time on site and use less materials. The risk of damage to the piping network on the site is non-existent. As regards shapes we follow the outline of the design in the manufacture of the ACTIV floor components, whatever the space is.


The full under-reinforcement is incorporated into the ACTIV floor components when we deliver them. You therefore only have to assemble them. Beams can be created in the floor and it is possible to make openings.

The piping network

Piping system for concrete core activation consisting of multi-layer pipes and spigot and socket couplings. The entire system has been awarded technical approvals with associated certificates from the most important inspection institutes, including among others KIWA and ATG. The pipes have 5 layers:

The integrated parts

All the integrated parts are mounted in advance in the correct location. Provision for electricity, sanitary facilities, can be built in without difficulty.


Kerkstoel ACTIV floor components are manufactured in a professional manner and comply with the strictest standards:


There are few joints because of the large surface area of the individual ACTIV floor components. The smooth frame surface also provides an ideal substrate for spray plastering. The end result? A solid monolithic floor that ensures good noise insulation and perfect distribution of the floor load. Moreover, a smooth shuttering surface provides the optimum substrate for sprayed plaster. The final result is a solid, monolithic floor with great acoustic insulation and perfect distribution of the loads across the floor. ACTIV floor components are the solution for a rapid, simple and robust construction.