Production process

The layplan will first be created in consultation with the contractor. As soon as the contractor and the consultancy bureau have approved the layplan, the production process can start.

Wide slabs are shuttered on movable metal tables. The central computer sends all the necessary information to the formwork robot. This robot applies the transverse and longitudinal settings and also makes the openings.

Creating the reinforcement
The reinforcement is specially custom made for every floor panel. The client has a choice of various diameters of high-quality reinforcement rods.

Reinforcement in the formwork
The reinforcement is placed fully automatically in the formwork and offers an optimum concrete top layer depending on the required fire resistance

When concreting we take account of the thickness of the wide slab. When pouring we constantly weigh the quantity of concrete to guarantee the correct thickness. The computer control of the concreting machinery ensures that the concrete is distributed extremely precisely over the entire surface.

We store the newly concreted floor panels on steel tables which are heated constantly at the right temperature with the precise humidity level, taking into account the desired concrete strength.

After 8 hours in the drying chamber, the precast element will be hard enough to be dismantled and transported.